Cryptocurrency can seem daunting but we’re here to explain just how simple it is to purchase coins. Follow our easy steps and you’ll soon be the proud owner of zeocoins.

Join the zeo


Start with your wallet

Simply download the wallet for your operating system and once installed use them to transfer and receive your zeo, quickly, simply and securely.

Encrypt and back up

It is important that you take measures to ensure that your wallet and your zeo coins are secure. Make a backup of your wallet. Save this to a secure location.

The wallet.dat is the most important file as it contains the private keys to access your coins on the Blockchain and also contains the address that you might have generated to receive coins. It may also include those automatically generated addresses if you have received coins as interest if you were staking.


Take regular backups if you are minting/staking so that the address the wallet has generated remain in your latest backed up wallet.dat file. If you are not regularly minting/staking then your wallet isn't generating any new addresses and the last backup you took is fine. Have these stored in multiple locations.  If storing the backups in places accessible to others including cloud backups we recommend encrypting the wallet.dat in winrar or a truecrypt file. Be sure to test and make certain you can open the file to access your wallet.dat file.

Find a trustworthy exchange

In order to purchase zeo you first need to use an exchange and convert normal currency like USD, GBP or EUR. Choose a secure reliable exchange.

In order to purchase zeo you first need to use an exchange. Unless you already have other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin you will first need to purchase these at an exchange using FIAT (USD, GBP, EUR etc.).
Some exchanges can accept deposits from your bank but this takes time to verify.
Others can use a credit card or other form of payment.

When you have Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. you can use these to purchase zeo. Once you have zeo they will stay on the exchange until you transfer them to your own wallet. Copy the receive address from your wallet and use this on the exchange to send your coins to your wallet. We don’t recommend keeping your coins on an exchange for a long period of time, only when you are buying and selling. We are not offering advice or recommendations but these are just a few exchanges available. Use your own due diligence and research when choosing a suitable exchange.